Custom Greenhouse 3D Renderings

A Preview For Your Greenhouse To Come

Get a 3D Rendering of Your Greenhouse Before the Build Begins!

Every greenhouse quote we prepare comes with a (no-cost) Standard Greenhouse Illustration to help you understand the size and dimensions of the project. If you move forward with an order we can also provide a (no-cost) Foundation Plan for you or your builder to prepare for the greenhouse. Lastly with each order, we provide you with a (no-cost) Shop Drawings to understand your building and how it will be installed, including connecting points to the foundation and/or other structures.

In addition to this we offer, for an additional fee, a 3D-Rendering & Engineered Shop Drawing option. A 3D-Rendering is great for a project that needs a little help to be envisioned completely, and/or is a bit “out of the box” from traditional construction. This is especially true for Roof-Top greenhouses, custom designs (e.g. Octagon), or Building-Attached Greenhouses (e.g. Lean-To) with custom features. For this option we would prepare a quote of the desired project, and then need picture of the location, from you. We typically price it out in a Basic or Premium format, depending on what is required.

Our Engineered Shop drawings are stamped to verify they are built for local Snow-Loads and Wind Loads. Our buildings have a standard 32 PSF Snow load rating and an 85 MPH Wind load rating, but sometimes districts want us to verify this with an engineer, especially for public buildings, home attached, or roof-top greenhouses. As you can see on our “Building Specs” page on our website, Southern Wisconsin has a snow rating around 30 PSF, and Northern Wisconsin has a 60+PSF rating. Building to the proper Snow and Wind rating ensures you won’t see your building collapse in extreme weather events. Of course we can still build our structures for correct loading without an Engineered Stamp, the stamp, from an outside engineer, is the way we can prove it.

Let us know if you would like more information on this by calling 608.515.3750 or filling out form below.

Disclaimer: Wisconsin Greenhouse Company keeps all your information confidential and never shares information with any third parties.

3D Rendered Greenhouse Prices: 3D renderings are priced into two categories, small & large. Small renderings are considered less than 350 square feet, and are priced at $250. Anything larger is priced at $500, both options include tailoring to your specific views needed, and working generated models into existing location photography.
Small: $250 | Large: $500

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