Greenhouse Manufacturing Details

To better explain our product here is some of our manufacturing details that help you understand how your greenhouse is put together.

Wisconsin Greenhouse Company


We use 6063 T5 and T6 Aircraft grade aluminum. Sourced from North American extruders with 0% recycled aluminum. This ensures there are no material imperfections that can affect structural strength. We prefer aluminum frames over wood frames in our northern climate due to the hot and cold temperature changes we experience, and also the high moisture and humidity levels that are natural to a plant filled greenhouse. This ensures no rotting, decay, or painting maintenance.

Painting process

The heavy duty aluminum frame is painted with a wet baked on enamel coating. We choose this over a powder coating as the coating is more pliable, has better longevity and will not crack. It also allows for an easier installation with our slide profiles. If a wet baked coating is ever scratched or marred, it can be touched up with no visibility unlike powder where you see the indent.

Extrusion process

Our extruders are located in Portland, Oregon and Calgary Alberta. Our greenhouses are comprised of mostly proprietary profiles which we have designed and improved upon since the late 50’s. These profiles and the complete systems are designed by Journeymen Glaziers for water and weather tightness, strength, and longevity. We have taken into account the expansion and contraction of our construction materials through the changing seasons creating sealed connection which will move with the materials for maintenance free weather-tight use. In addition to the seals, our system incorporates an active weep system to funnel condensation out of the greenhouse.


Lifetime warranty on frame to not break, corrode, fail for the full term of original ownership (exceptions examples Act of God)

Polycarbonant & Glass:

Our manufacturer, Galina USA (Janesville WI), has non-prorated 10 year warranty. At year 10 you will receive 100% value if there is an issue. The polycarbonate is made to our stringent specifications. No other company requests the specifications we require in our 6mm or 16 mm Polycarbonates. Our standard Double Glass carries full warranty against seal breaks for 10 years. Low-E coatings will increase the efficiency of the glass. Glass tinting is available in Charcoal, Blue, Green, Bronzed, and more.

Stainless steel fasteners:

Our Stainless steel fasteners used at anchors points, connection joints, truss plates, and all other connection points are designed not to rust in high moisture content areas (typical of greenhouse).

Meridian Luxury Collection 3" Bar
Fivewall Polycarbonate
Single Tempered Safety Glass


Accessory warranties are subject to their manufacturer and can be verified at the time of purchase.