Door Options & Accessories

Several door options are available which include our standard storm door, commercial storefront, stackable doors, sliding glass doors and folding doors.

Commercial Storefront Doors

Commercial Storefront Doors

Tough, insulated and storm proof. Many customers wish to shut out the elements and maintain the optimum environment in the greenhouse. With that, many choose to upgrade the standard storm door with our commercial storefront door option. This fully assembled professional aluminum door is insulated with tempered safety glass and durable keyed deadbolt lock. Available options include custom color and panic bars.

Standard Storm Door

Standard Storm Door

Pre-hung, heavy-duty storm door with locking latch that has an adjustable tempered glass window with a screen for extra ventilation. The storm door front can be painted to match any greenhouse frame, moved to a di†erent location, and is available in a 26, 32 and 36 inch wide frame.

Decorative Base Panels

Decorative Base Panels

Decorative base panels eliminates the need and cost of a rockwall façade. All that is needed is just one row of 4×4’s and possibly pier blocks to prevent frost heave! The panels provide a high style look on a budget and are available in any color or size of greenhouse for single tempered glass glazing only.


Windows and Louvres

Rotocrank casement windows, glass louvres, side vents, and oversized sidewall vents are available. Call for details.


Exhaust Fan Ventilation Package

Exhaust fan size is dependent on the size of the greenhouse. The complete exhaust fan ventilation package includes a fan, one or two motorized intake shutters (depending on the fan size) and one greenhouse cooling thermostat. Includes metal shutter fans and intakes painted to suit the greenhouse with all mounting hardware and needed modifications to greenhouse.

Fan Package
UP – 120 sq ft 10” Package: 1 INTAKE (690 CFM) $1,295.00
121 – 200 sq ft 14” Package: 2 INTAKES (2170 CFM) $1,795.00
201 – 300 sq ft 18” Package: 2 INTAKES (3200 CFM) $1,840.00
Palma Heater

Palma Heater – $150
110 Volt, 1500 Watt. Floor-standing heater. Splash proof ideal for greenhouses.

Modine Gas Heater

Modine Gas Heater –
30000 BTU: $1,370
60000 BTU: $1,585

Low profi le gas heater. Ships with custom brackets and glazing cutouts.

Phoenix Heater

Phoenix Heater- $350
240 Volt, 3 heat output options: 1 kW, 1.8 kW, 2.8 kw. Frost detection function. Comes with floor mounting or hanging brackets. Splash proof.

Decorative Cresting

Decorative Cresting –
$45/linear foot
Finials: $45 each

Beautiful ridge adornment. Any length available.

Side Vent

Side Vent – 24″ x 24″ –
Single Glass or Twinwall:
Manual: $120 | Auto: $195
Double Glass or Fivewall:
Manual: $200 | Auto: $275

Provides added ventilation to any greenhouse.

Glass Louvres

Manual Glass Louvres – $295
24” x 28” aluminium frame with adjustable glass louvre blades.

Caframo Fan

Caframo Fan – $40
Equalize greenhouse temperature and distribute air evenly. Two speeds, maintains constant air movement.

Vent Screens

Vent Screens –
Roof Vent: $145
Side Vent, Louvre, or Intake Shutter Screen: $135

Designed to work with our vents and automatic openers.

Thermo 2

Thermo 2 Thermostat – $115
An ideal controller for all climate control systems. Heating in the cold, ventilation in the heat.

Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth –
6’ Wide: $6ft.
12’ Wide: $10ft.

Interior cooling cloth. Uses a 70% horticulture cloth.

Wire Top Bench

Wire Top Bench:
25 1⁄2” x 48″ $220.00
33 1⁄2” x 48″ $235.00

Cedar Bench

Cedar Bench:
25 1⁄2” x 48″ $195.00
33 1⁄2” x 48″ $210.00